About Me

As a professional in data analysis, I harness data-driven strategies to enhance customer service teams and build web applications using languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Ruby. My expertise in SQL and experience with database management systems, notably PostgreSQL and Snowflake, are extensive. I'm also adept at using HTML for markup and CSS for styling.

I have a thorough understanding of efficiency-enhancing software tools and platforms including Airflow, Docker, Tableau, Sigma, and Mode, complemented by proficiency in Google Analytics and advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Renowned for my problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, innovative approach, and organizational skills, I thrive in roles that value leadership, adaptability, and cultural intelligence. I possess a knack for communicating complex concepts clearly, fostering team collaboration, and rapidly adapting to new environments and challenges.

My Work

In my career as a data analysis and business intelligence professional, I've achieved significant milestones in roles delivering data-driven insights and solutions to internal and external stakeholders.

  • I designed and created internal dashboards using Looker and Tableau, delivering actionable insights for the executive and client success teams.
  • I developed a classifier to tier Client Success accounts, utilizing SQL, Python, sklearn, and a Random Forest Classifier.
  • In collaboration with internal enterprise stakeholders, I performed in-depth analysis, instrumental in identifying and resolving merchant performance issues.
  • I worked with both internal and external stakeholders to conduct ad-hoc analysis of retailer data, providing critical insights and recommendations.
  • I crafted automation scripts to enhance scalability and streamline data processes, significantly boosting operational efficiency.